Irene Coticchio

Performer I Singer 



16. June  2024, 19.00
Irene Coticchio & Continente Liquido

Bad Vöslau

College Garden Hotel, Veranstaltungssaal "Europe", Johann-Strauß-Gasse 2
Karten und Infos: Verein La pomarancia
 0677-18614772, [email protected] 


2. July 2024|15:00 - 16:00
Ensemble Fiori Musicali  - Kultursommer 

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11 Dezember , 18.30  

Lalish theater Labor Gentzgasse  62, 1180 Wien

Solisten Welten - Kontext: Vocal, Musik, Tanz mit: 

Brigitte Ferchichi: Ägyptischer Baldai Tanz & Drehtanz. 
Bashir Mirzo: arabische Musikstücke auf Oud, Nai, Qanun. 
Diana Rasina rumänische, bulgarische, armenische und arabische Lieder. 
Irene Coticchio: Volkslieder aus Sizilien, mitreißenden Rhythmen der Tarantella aus Süditalien. 
Mónica Clavijo: Flamenco Stile die tradionell immer ohne musikalische Begleitung gesungen werden. 
Nigar Hasib: eigene komponierte Kehlkopfgesänge in Sumerisch-Akkadisch- und Kunstsprache *


Fiori Musicali Austria "TARANTELLA - Barocke und traditionelle Musik aus Süditalien“

Im Rahmen von Kritzendorfer Adventfenster

Katherinenhof, Sala Terrena, Hauptstrasse 9, Kristzendorf

Irene Coticchio | Stimme, Tambourin
Alenka Brecelj | Violine
Adriaan Lawers I Barockgitarre, Thiorbe, Laute
Marinka Brecelj | Cembalo und Leitung


12. & 13. April

9. September
Irene Coticchio & Continente Liquido

Höfefest Grossenzensdorf

16. September
Irene Coticchio & Continente Liquido

Hobiraum - Bad Vöslau


29.08.2022 / 7.30 pm
Fiori Musicali Austria "TARANTELLA - Baroque and traditional music from Southern Italy".

In the framework of "Early Music in St. Ruprecht" , Ruprechtskirche, Ruprechtsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
Irene Coticchio | voice, tambourine
Alenka Brecelj | Violin
Carles Muñoz Camerero | cello/key fiddle
Marinka Brecelj | harpsichord and direction


Voice training breathing/sounding/singing

Body-oriented and experimental voice work, breathing/voice work according to ATEM-TONUS-TON®.

The core of this work is based on the experience of the correlation of breath, voice and body and how they influence each other.
The focus is on promoting and developing each unique individual voice, discovering and exploring its specific qualities (colours, textures).
Therefore, special attention is given to the different physical areas and resonance spaces from which the voice is generated or can be generated.
The classes consist of body and voice training, as well as singing, rhythm and improvisation exercises. We will further explore these principles by learning songs.

When: Thursday 19.00- 20.30 
Where: 1100, Grüner Markt Maria-Lassnig-Strasse 32/2/8  
Dates and prices (3 blocks, 4 dates each)
The blocks can be booked separately, do not build on each other, and are open level.
Block 1# 22 Sept, 6,13, 27 Oct
Block 2# 10, 17, 24 Nov, 1 Dec
Block 3# 22 Dec 12, 19, 26 Jan
1 block: € 100 (students/colleagues)

Max 6 participants


Individual classes Breath & Voice/ ATEM-TONUS-TON®

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 151/1/11, 1030 Wien

By arrangement/ Presence & Online

Please contact me for registration, and further info 


YOGA UND STIMME mit Irene Coticchio und Claudia Hitzenberger 

Maria Anzbach/Wienerwald Samstag 24.9..2022
No previous experience is necessary, the class are  Open Level.
The number of participants is limited. Registrations are possible until 17.9.
Info and registration: 069912737203 0676 9185856

About me

I was born in 1969 in Sicily. I graduated in “Modern languages and Literature” at the University of Palermo, and completed her acting training with Philippe Gaulier in London. I studied singing with various internationally recognized singers, experimenting with different styles and directions. For me singing, theatre, and her studies , are just different sides of a whole, and I’ve been learning and practicing parallel all these disciplines according to my interests and curiosity. As a performer I worked in several international productions including Robert Wilson, Andrew de L. Harwood, Walter Manfré. Since 1996 I’ve  been living and performing in Vienna, and 2001-2018, I’ve been member of the Vienna based performance group Toxic Dreams. I was part of several performances by Otmar Wagner.

Besides my activity as a performer, I've been dedicating myself to the research work on old Sicilian songs which triggered the interest for traditional singing and led me to found the ensemble Irene Coticchio Trio (later Irene Coticchio & Continente Liquido). Music has become more and more importante in my professional life. Since 2013 I’m founder member of Cowbirds, a collective researching and performing on monodic and polyphonic songs from Corsica and Sicily. Many other collaborations followed.

The fascination for body work and voice led me to attend a course for craniosacral practitioner and lately I attended a 
 Training as a body-centred voice teacher according to Atem-Tonus-Ton®.
 I works as a body-centered voice teacher and conducts workshops for professionals and amateurs

Training and studies

  •  Training as a body-centred voice teacher according to Atem-Tonus-Ton® with Christoph Habegger, Silvia Biferale, Letizia Fiorenza, Sabine Seidek, Vienna 
  • Training as Cranio- Sacral Practitioner
  •  Singing with several teachers in Palermo, London, Vienna, among others Miriam Palma, Hilde Kappes, Frankie Armstrong, Jeanny Yeo 
  • Ecole Philippe Gaulier Phisical Theatre, London
  •  Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Palermo 


  • Since 2017 teacher in singing in several schools, among others  at "Schauspielschule Wien", among 
  • Since 2001 voice coach and leader of voice trainings and workshops for professionals and amateurs (breath/body/voice, body-centred voice work according to Atem-Tonus-Ton®, voice for dancers and actors, folk singing from Southern Italy, polyphonic singing) a.o. at Impulstanz, Tanzquartier Wien, Chor Sommerwoche BOKU),
  • Lectures on southern Italian folk music (a.o at the Institute for Romance Studies at the University of Vienna). 


Music Projects

Work in progress :-)

Performance/Theatre Projects

Work in progress :-)

Body/Voice Work